Wine and Cheese Festivals Are Great

I want to start this post off by saying that I have never felt more entitled and pretentious than I did at the wine and cheese tasting in Haifa last week. It seemed like kind of a spur of the moment decision, but a lot of us from the International School decided to check it out. It turned out being the most fun I’ve had in Haifa so far.

It was 45 shekels to get in, which is roughly $13. We were provided with a wine glass and wrist band and let loose to go drink whatever wine we wanted. I’m no wine¬†connoisseur, but these were some nice wines. Wineries from all over the country were represented at this event, and I surprisingly was able to pick out wines that I liked and didn’t like. The cheese was wonderful as well. There was gourmet cheese of almost every variety, and we sampled all that was offered.

I’m not going to lie, I did have the slight intention of sampling these wines to get drunk for the night, but when I looked around at some of the adults that were there, they were pretty wasted too! I didn’t feel as bad after that. And it’s not like we were crazy binge drinking. After about an hour of sampling wines it kind of dawned on me that I was slightly drunk. I was having such a good time trying all the different cabernets, pinot grigio’s, sangrias, etc, that I didn’t even think about my level of sobriety. We spent about 4 hours there hanging out and drinking wine and eating cheese (occasionally chocolate too). I never in a million years thought a wine tasting event could have been so much fun. Everyone that went really enjoyed themselves, and I kind of look forward to the next wine tasting i’m able to go to. Although I already know it won’t be the same as the one last week since half the fun was the group I was with.

I surprisingly only have one week left in Israel, and despite finals and papers I’m trying to make the best of it! Lord knows I’m going to miss everything about it once I’m gone.

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