Avicii in Tel Aviv

The night started off drinking on the beach with A TON of students from Haifa. I’d have to say about 30 of us made the trip down to Tel Aviv for this show, and having so many friends there was amazing. A friend of mine, Mason, who I had met 2 years earlier in Jerusalem was also in Tel Aviv with his roommate from UVA and we were able to meet up, grab dinner, and go to the concert together. I hadn’t seen him since we left Jerusalem 2 summers ago, so this was a nice little reunion.

We got to the concert around midnight and established ourselves in the middle of the crowd almost immediately. Avicii didn’t even come on stage until roughly 2am, but the DJ that was playing before him was great. When Avicii took the stage, the place went nuts. His set was over 3 hours long, and the show ended at 5:30am. When we left the sun was rising. We raged our faces off for over 5 hours. It was so much fun, it seemed to have flown by. I looked forward to this show for over a month, and like the blink of an eye it was over! It was the last big event that me and my friends were able to all go to outside of Haifa before our week of finals and our respective departures back to America/Europe. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to end the semester.

8 days and counting…

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  1. Josh, Grandpa and I have enjoyed your trip almost as much as you did. We have been traveling with you and loved seeing your pictures. We are sure you will have wonderful stories to tell when you get home. Have a great trip back and we hope to see you soon. Much love from us to you…….


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