Concerts in Israel

I love music. It’s just that plain and simple. I probably listen to music for at least 3 or 4 hours a day, and without it I’d be pretty lost in life. One thing I didn’t once think about before coming to Israel would be the opportunity to go to concerts. Luckily however, I’ve been to 4 and there are still more to come!

First was Infected Mushroom, an Israeli band known around the world. They have a very unique style, one unlike any other band I know that I can only describe as psychedelic-trance with some rock thrown in. They have had a plethora of shows during my semester here, probably about 8 or so, and I’ve seen them twice! The first time was on Purim – March 8th – in Tel Aviv. Another Israeli rock band, Machina, opened for Infected and they were fantastic as well! The entire show in general was outstanding. Aside from Machina’s hour and a half set, Infected had 3 sets – one with the entire band, a DJ set, and another one with the full band. The 3rd set started around 3:30am and that’s when I had to tap out. I was beat from the previous 5 hours of raging. Plus the night before I had been at the largest club in Israel, Ultrasound, until about the same hour. It was a pretty intense weekend all around. Gotta love Purim celebrations.

The next show was a little less exhilarating but still really great and a lot of fun. I took a bus down to Jerusalem on a Monday afternoon mid-April to meet up with my friend and former counselor from Muss, Mayan, who lives in Emek Refa’im (the German Colony in Jerusalem). She had informed me of a show featuring cover bands of John Mayer and Dave Matthews Band, who are two bands I very much enjoy. We went to a small club called “The Yellow Submarine”, in Hebrew צוללת צהובה, to see them and both cover bands were great. In about 2 songs I was able to hear the Israeli accent in their voices, but only slightly. Overall they were actually the best cover bands I’ve ever seen. The show ended around 1am, and I made it back to Haifa for Hebrew class at 10:15am the next morning…I didn’t sleep much that night, but it was well worth it!

The third show I saw was the Haifa Student Day festival concert on May 10th that was free for all students in the student union, or אגודת סטודנטים (I’m in the union!). A bunch of us got down there and stayed for almost the entire set of Shlomo Artzi, a pretty famous Israeli rock singer. I didn’t know any of his songs, and could only pick out a few words here and there, but I was surrounded by Israelis who did know his stuff and it made the experience great. Not to mention I was with pretty awesome people as well. The coolest part of the show though, was when Shlomo picked some random girl out from the crowd to come up and dance on stage. He gave her the mic to help him sing part of the song, and she turned out to be an amazing singer. She was up belting out the song like it was her own, and Shlomo was almost standing there in pure amazement.

Just last Wednesday, May 17th, was the most recent concert I’ve seen. This time, it was the Technion’s Student Day concert. The Technion is another university in Haifa that is primarily known for its engineering, technology, and medical studies. Only those in the top of their fields go to the Technion to study. It’s a great school. But back to the concert! They hosted Infected Mushroom, among many other bands, last Wednesday. I had missed a bunch of Infected’s other shows in Israel since Purim, but I could not miss them playing in my own city! I went with a ton of my friends for their set – from about 11pm-1am. It was epic. They did not disappoint, yet again. Unfortunately I had Hebrew at 10:15am the next morning, so I left at the end of their set so I wouldn’t miss Hebrew (again). I don’t think I’ll get a chance to see Infected again before the end of my time here, but they tour in the US all the time, and I won’t miss their next show in Madison or Milwaukee.

LASTLY is the show that I’m very eagerly waiting for. AVICII teased all of Israel in February when he had planned a show in Tel Aviv but got sick and canceled (Afrojack came instead but let’s be real, he doesn’t compare to Mr. Bergling). So the Swedish wonder planned a new show for May 31st, and I got myself a ticket!!!!! I CAN’T FREAKIN WAIT! It is going to be unreal to see him at a real club (sorry Segredo, but you’re 500 person capacity doesn’t cut it). It will probably be my last night out in Tel Aviv before I go home a week and a half later (June 10th), so my friends and I are excited for our last hoorah together, raging our faces off.

Overall my musical experiences this semester have been pretty damn good. I can only hope my luck continues over the summer! Hopefully I won’t get punched in the face at Summerfest this year 😉 (assuming I go, that is.)

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