Spring Break post 4.2: Koh Phi Phi – My 21st and Thai New Year

So my 21st birthday was awesome. The party after the tsunami nonsense was epic (the night of April 11th-12th), and the following night was the beginning of Thai New Years so the party that night was even better. Don’t ask me why, because I don’t know, but for some reason Thai’s throw water and white paint on EVERYONE when they celebrate their new year. The night of the 12th-13th was a wet one, let me tell you. Water guns were everywhere, it was raining, and people were throwing buckets of water on anyone they saw. We drank, we danced, and we threw water. Everyone was fair game. It didn’t stop after that night either. On Koh Phi Phi the water throwing lasts about 3-4 days every year (other places in Thailand have longer celebrations – it’s 7 days long in Bangkok). Luckily for us the water reserves on the island ran out at night on the 13th, so we were able to remain somewhat dry on the 14th when we left the island. Trust me, we lucked out BIG TIME. People that arrived on the 13th with all their bags and suitcases got absolutely soaked. It wasn’t so much the Thai’s that got them, although some did. It was mostly the other tourists who were ruthless and they held no mercy:

“Oh, you don’t want to get wet right now you say? Well that sucks for you, happy new year and welcome to Koh Phi Phi!!” *SPLASH*

I didn’t take my camera out for obvious reason, but luckily Meghan’s camera is waterproof so she had it with her and took some pictures.

I didn’t want to buy a gun, but I had a water bottle and would fill it up and dump it on whoever would go after me first. Sometimes when I had no water left I’d pretend to dump it on people and it would generate a flinch from that person. For example, this adorable Thai boy:

After roaming around the village for about 2 hours throwing water on everyone in sight, Meghan, Jon, Annie and I went out on a snorkeling, cliff jumping, and “see what else is around Koh Phi Phi” tour. It cost about $20 bucks. A 5 hour trip WITH lunch (pad thai..it was so good) like this anywhere else would cost $60+ a person, but not in Thailand! Here is a picture of the water and some of Koh Phi Phi from our long tail boat.

We saw incredible fish. They were more colorful and brighter than I could have ever imagined. It was purely magnificent. I wish I could have gotten some pictures. Oh ya and we also swam with sharks and saw a huge sea turtle. So that was sweet. Good thing none of us were bleeding, though…

When we got to the cliff that we were going to jump off of, I looked at it and thought “Oh that’s not going to be so bad, I wish it were higher up.” Ya, sure Josh. Whatever you say. It was about 16 meters high! That might not seem like so much, but when you’re standing up over the ledge it’s quite terrifying. First is a picture of me and Meghan jumping, and second is me and Annie in the water below with Meghan up top hanging out. That boat is what took us around during the tour!

After we were done jumping, they took us around to a few more places. Once the sun began to set, we made our way back to the island. I took this picture, and it doesn’t even look real. But it is, I promise.

The next day (April 14th) we left Koh Phi Phi and took a ferry to Phuket, where we caught a flight back to Bangkok later that evening. We got to the Swiss Park Hotel around midnight. 5 short hours later at 5am we were off to the airport. We got on a plane back to Ahu Dhabi and then to Amman. After we landed in Amman, we took our booked transport from the airport to the border, hopped on the bus to cross into Israel, got through security and made our way back to Haifa in a שירות, or large taxi. Our day began at 5am in Bangkok and ended at 10pm in Haifa – the time differences is 4 hours. 21 hours of traveling is not easy.

That was my trip in a nutshell! I hope you enjoyed reading about it. I promise it was way better than I made it sound. Lastly, I’ll conclude with this:

GO to Thailand! It’s everyone’s dream to go, whether they know it or not. See you there 😉

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