Happy February

What a week it was. SO MUCH has gone on since my last post, and there is no way I can possibly include all of it. But I’ll give the highlights.

Last week I studied my head off for my midterm in Ulpan basically Sunday until Thursday. Not too much went on between then as I was trying to keep myself sane, but once the weekend started, life got a little more exciting.

Thursday’s Last Minute Trip to Tel-Aviv

Bekah: “I have to go get tickets for the Infected Mushroom concert and I don’t want to go alone. Will you come with me?”

Me: “Sure, why the hell not!”

So I went to Tel-Aviv for an afternoon with Bekah and Jeff. We had to go to the ticket office because we were not able to use our American credit or debit cards to purchase tickets online. But we got them and are going to the show on Purim (Jewish Halloween except way more awesome)! So far we have a crew of maybe 8 or 9 people. It’s going to be epic and I’m beyond excited. We ended our short trip with a falafel lunch and made our way back to Haifa that evening.

Some people were going out, but I decided to call it an early night after a few drinks in the dorms. We had a very early morning the following day!

Friday’s trip to Akko and Rosh Hanikrah

These are two places I have been before and absolutely love. First up was Akko. We left Haifa around 8am and were driving into the old city of Akko less than an hour later. We toured a castle that was built in the early 12th century by the Hospitallers (Crusaders), and walked around parts of the old city of Akko.

Here is the castle from the outside before we entered. More pictures on facebook!

The Shuk, or market, in Akko was amazing as well. The old city is almost 100% Muslim Arab, so it was full of Arab merchants selling goods that ranged from souvenirs to food to clothes to hookahs! There was everything there. I didn’t take any pictures of the Shuk, because I didn’t want to be that annoying American, if you know what I mean. Most Arabs-Israelis or Jewish-Israelis don’t expect foreigners to understand Arabic or Israeli if spoken to them, and one guy kept saying in Hebrew “you all don’t belong, you all don’t belong.” So I turned to him and said, “of course we do!” He was pissed, but it made me laugh quite a bit.

I had lunch with my tour guide, and that turned out to be an awesome idea since it ended in a free lunch. Restaurant and shop owners looooove tour guides since they bring them tons of business, so the guy who owned the restaurant we ate at didn’t make us pay. Gotta love a free lunch.

If anyone reading this cares to read about the  story of Akko, I suggest you check it out on Wikipedia. There is SO much history in that city. It was built, captured, destroyed, rebuilt, recaptured, and so on over and over again because of it’s strategic location right on the beach.

Around 1pm we were back on the bus and on our way to Rosh Hanikrah, my favorite place in Northern Israel. There are amazing grottos underneath the rock, the largest in the world actually, and we got to walk through the caves and take in the beauty. Once out of the caves, you swing around on to the large slab of rock that is jutting out over the Mediterranean and look out into the sea.


Pretty awesome stuff. Like I said, my favorite place in Northern Israel. And again, more pictures on facebook!

Oh ya, I was introduced to absinthe too…Friday night was fun, to say the least.

SuperBowl MONDAY

Ya, thats right, kickoff is 1:30AM MONDAY morning! That’s a first for me. But we have Giants fans and Patriots fans here on the program so it will surely be exciting. I’m off to go do homework before the night of sports begins. Gotta love matinee NHL games on Sunday (Rangers vs. Flyers on 8pm for me!). Well, I’ll see you soon, WordPress.


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  1. Bonnie Schiller

     /  February 5, 2012

    Look forward to your next blog!


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