Shabbat Shalom!

Good Shabbas, everyone!

So I know I’m not supposed to be doing anything today or using any technology considering it’s Shabbat, but I haven’t posted in awhile so I figured why not?! Besides, I have much to share! This morning I ate a wonderful meal with my roommates for breakfast. The Israelis are busy studying for exams, so I left them to that after we finished our meal of hard boiled eggs, and homemade bread of some sort. Zahar was one of the spices on the bread, and for those that don’t know, Zahar is delicious. The other stuff though, I’m not quite sure what it was. But it was pretty good as well. I hope to eat much more of that in the coming months.

Kate, Steph, Leah and I decided to be a little adventurous and explored the surrounding area outside the campus. There are quite a few trails overlooking a magnificent view of the other side of the mountain. It’s very hilly, and just beyond the valley you can see the beach of the Mediterranean. The hike through the valley to the beach is supposedly about 4-5 hours long, and it is something I definitely plan on doing once it gets a little warmer. I did not bring my camera out with me this time, but I’m sure to do it again. I will have pictures of it soon I hope. We thought we were going to get rained on, but it the sun decided to come out for half of our hike. And while it eventually got very grey out, we returned to our respective dorms dry, which was a nice surprise.

This week was full of excitement. A large group of us went out Wednesday and Thursday night to the bar Sleek and the club The Loft, respectively. It felt like freshman year all over again, rolling up with 20+ people down to party and drink. But despite the initial awkwardness of getting into these places with so many Americans (plus the few Europeans that we have along with us), we all managed to have a great time.

I already have gotten to know many of my fellow classmates in all levels of the Ulpan program, and we’ve all started to become a close knit  group despite how many of us there are. It’s really nice to meet so many people that are as down to earth as this group is. The best part is, there are at least 30 or so people that I have either not met or not spoken to at length with yet! I’m very excited to get to know everyone else. It’s almost been a week (wow, already?!) and I feel very close with many people here.

Well, that’s enough for right now. I have to get ready to go out and explore more of this awesome city. I’m interested to see how lively it will be on Shabbat. I anticipate there to be a little more life than there would be in Jerusalem, but who knows. At sundown, we are ready for the city to get loud again when all of the Israelis come out to party. We will of course undoubtedly join them.

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  1. Bonnie Schiller

     /  January 30, 2012

    Can’t wait to hear more!


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