Last Night at Home

Well, its my last night at home and I’ve already had travel problems. Due to this wonderful storm hitting the east coast tomorrow morning, my flight from BWI to Newark has been CANCELLED! I haven’t seen any winter weather in Madison or in Olney, and of course, the day I’m traveling, the weather acts up. Luckily my travel agent, Cathy, is a saint, and made arrangements for me to get to Newark by Am-Trak. It adds an hour and a half to my travel time, but cuts out the pre-boarding airport nonsense. In the end, it’s basically a wash, except I get to sleep in an extra hour so it all worked out.

I’m going to spend one last dinner home with my family, whom I will surely miss dearly. Mostly the pupster though. It is going to be tough to leave her (Mira) in the morning, that’s for sure. She’s turning 6 next week, so we celebrated tonight instead! How they grow up so fast.

Anyway, I highly doubt I’ll sleep tonight because I’m so anxious to start this trip. Sunday after I arrive at Ben-Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv with Conor and Stephanie (two fellow Badgers flying with me), we have to find our way to Haifa quickly and start with orientation and moving in! There is so much planned for us immediately after we get on campus, and I’m going to have to pocket a few 5 Hour Energy’s to keep me awake after almost 20 hours of travel, layover, and more travel.

My next post will be from the Holy Land! I can only imagine what I’ll have to share…until then, לילה תוב ולהיתראות, אמריקה (goodnight and see you later, America)!

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